The SCRCM2019 registration fee does not include accommodation. However, we have blocked a number of rooms at some residences from July 14-19.


We have blocked some vacancies at Olarain and Villa Alaidi, which can be accessed through the registration platform (once it is available). Please note that most vacancies at Villa Alaidi are in shared rooms of two, three beds (here you buy beds, not rooms). The rooms at Villa Alaidi are thought for students. Both residences with breakfast included.

 (We strongly recommend booking your accommodation as early as possible. The summer season is very busy and hotels fill up quickly)



Room rate

Nº rooms blocked


Reservation requests


Single: 73,50€

Singles: 36


When registering

Villa Alaidi

(all rooms shared bathroom)

36€ shared room

41€ single room


18 vacancies shared + 2 single



When registering

*Prices include breakfast and VAT.



Donostia offers a great variety of different kinds of accommodation, ranging from 5-star hotels to hostels and flats. In order to make it easier for you to find the accommodation that better suits you, we suggest that you visit the link of the Tourism Office, below. You can make your own reservation directly at the selected place.